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I have a friend that recently graduated with his MBA. He approached me and told me it was about time he got a British car. About the same time another friend of mine told me about an MGB roadster he was going to sell. I put the two in touch with each other, and Rodd got his MGB.


For his graduation party, I ordered a green Dooderwear MGB shirt. When the package arrived I opened it and was surprised to find not only the green shirt I ordered, but a grey one also. I checked my invoice and I only was charged for one shirt. I emailed Dean (Dooder) and explained the situation. Dean responded that it was a gift to me. He does things like that from time to time to just pass on some happiness.


My son has a 1969 MGB and one of his favorite shirts has been his grey Dooderwear MGB shirt, so I gave the grey one to him, as his old one is just about worn out. I was glad to pass the surprise along.


On another note, I took my MG to a cars and coffee type gathering recently. There were 50-60 cars there of all types (even three Ferraris). I wore my Riley Elf t-shirt. A guy came up to me and loudly pronounced "That is the BEST shirt here today!" I thought so too.


Thanks again,


Bruce Clifford



Thanks so much for the t-shirt.


I loved it so much I ordered another.


Chris Daradics

Port Alberni B.C. Canada.

Hi Dean,


Received your T-shirt this morning and what can I say … AMAZING!!!

It’s fantastic, a very high standard, I love the cream colour instead of white,  very nice touch indeed.


Many thanks.


Best regards,

Steve Cronshaw



Our Dooders are the hit of every event we attend. At the last event I even had a guy yell "Dooderwear" when he saw my son and I coming towards him in the pits.


Since each of us here at the Johnson household has at least two each (not counting the Doodies) I guess you can say we are a true Dooder family.


Can't wait to see what comes along next!




Hal Johnson

Powell, Ohio

Hi Dean,


Just to let you know that the T-Shirts arrived today. They look absolutely great and I can't wait to wear them over the coming days. Thanks for the great service.



Martin Ouid




Since the inception of your first Dooderwear shirt, I have designated a shelf in my closet just for my Dooder shirts.  Your shirts have become a must have for car shows and mini related events.  You even made the Clubman attractive.


I look forward to the next wave of apparel.


Mark Looman

Ada Michigan





Got my Mini Meet North shirt in the mail today.  It looks great - can't wait to wear it!

I got a "Wow, that's really nice!" from my fiancé.  Looks like we'll be adding more dooderwear shirts to our mini wear library here in the future.



Andy Kaufman


Hi Dean


Both shirts arrived!!


Thank you very much, it's unusual for anyone to be honest and fair these days, but you most obviously are.


I WILL be ordering again I am sure and will spread the word further about Dooderwear!!!




Ian Cawdron

Exxex, UK



I received the shirt today and was very impressed with the look and overall quality (not to mention the fast shipping).  You can expect some  more orders from me in the future.



Joe Schaad

Pittsburgh, PA

Hello Dean,


Thank you for the T-shirts they look great.


Will keep an eye on your website for new mini gear.


All the Best.


Lynda & Brian Falls